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Andersen Windows


Andersen Windows (it’s spelled Andersen with an “en” not Anderson) are a very popular brand of replacement windows. Their vinyl replacement windows are sold at The Home Depot under the American Craftsman brand. In addition to sliding windows, Anderson offers double-hung and casement styles. Along with vinyl replacement windows, Andersen features windows made from other materials. The windows contain low-E and argon-filled glass, increasing their efficiency. Anderson makes both replacement and new construction windows.


Andersen’s replacement windows selection is broad, from standard sizes to many special order and custom choices. Andersen windows are readily available through numerous outlets, including home goods retailers, dealers, and The Home Depot. Andersen also offers a composite line through certified installers known as “Renewal by Andersen.”

Special Features

Most Andersen replacement windows are made with Fibrex, which is a composite material featuring 40% pre-consumer reclaimed wood fiber. The only 100% vinyl window we found with the Andersen name is the American Craftsman line sold only at Home Depot. The American Craftsman replacement windows offer a number of features:

Energy Efficiency: There are many choices for glazing, so you can choose the desired level of comfort and energy savings. Dual pane insulated glass, created by sealing two single panes to a spacer, establishing an insulating chamber, is nearly twice as efficient as a single pane of glass at reducing heat loss. The optional LoE² (low emissivity) glass uses a transparent metallic coating which filters out solar radiation, thereby reducing heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter, for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Many of the windows are available as Energy Star qualified.


Durability: All of the windows are tested for structural and thermal performance to ensure they hold up under extreme weather conditions. American Craftsman windows are also tested and certified to meet American Architectural Manufacturers Association standards for forced entry resistance.


Convenience: Tilt-in sashes allow for safe and easy cleaning from within the home with soap and water. The company claims that the balance system promotes smooth, easy sash operation for many years, regardless of the outside temperature or humidity. Color is consistent throughout the vinyl, which can limit the visibility of scratches and/or the need for painting.


Most Andersen window & doors are covered by an “Owner-to-Owner” limited warranty. The company states that most other window warranties end when a home is sold, but their coverage is completely transferable from each owner to the next. The coverage offers 20 years on glass and ten on non-glass parts. And, because it is not pro-rated, the coverage offers full benefits, year after year, owner after owner, so it can add value when you decide to sell your home. Plus, Andersen claims to have one of the largest service networks in the industry, so assistance should be available when you need it.


Important Note: For the American Craftsman vinyl windows, the warranty is different and only applies to the original purchaser of the windows. This means that, unlike other Andersen products, the warranty does not transfer to future owners of your home.

Company History

According to the company’s web site, Andersen Windows was founded in 1903 by Danish immigrant Hans Andersen and his family in Hudson, Wisconsin, where logs arrived via the St. Croix River. Today, Andersen Corporation is an international enterprise employing over 9,000 people at more than 20 locations with headquarters in Bayport, Minnesota, a 2.8 million-square-foot facility that covers 65 acres. Andersen annually manufactures more than six million wood windows and doors, with sales worldwide.


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